Week in Review: Magic GPT Richmond, Bifrost, and more

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Now that the Snowpocalypse is concluded we can move forward with events this week.

We have a Grand Prix Trial for Richmond this Saturday starting at 1pm and it’s only $5 to play

We are also bringing back Magic drafts Wednesday night with Theros-Born of the Gods-Born of the Gods drafts for $13 and they start at 5pm and run whenever we have 8 people, in Suwanee.  Thursday is the draft night for Snellville

Interest in Legacy is also increasing on Saturdays at Suwanee and Sunday at Snellville, you should come by and play

The 40k Bifrost campaigns continues and we are now gearing up for a Warhammer Fantasy campaign that will hopefully begin at the end of March

The new league for Warmachine will begin March 1st and run for four weeksat both stores and we will have a fun steamroller March 29th at Suwanee

We are doing a Game Day for Sentinels of the Mulitverse March 8th at Suwanee and 9th at Snellville and will include the brand new expansion and special promos

Store Championships for Netrunner and X-Wing will be March 1st and entrance fees are only $10 for each, check out the events page for more info on times

We have painting classes at Snellville every Thursday night and Riley Hildebrandt is teaching advanced techniques



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