Warhammer Fantasy Tournament

Warhammer FantasyMuster your forces and wrangle your strongest beasts to march forth for glory and conquest!

The Tower is hosting a Warhammer Fantasy Tournament August 1st

The start time is 5pm and entrance fee is only $10.  Everyone needs to be on time!  No late entries will be allowed!

The armies must be constructed of no more than 2,500 points and there will not be a painting score or a comp score.  This tournament is about generalship, not how pretty is your army!  This will be a knock down drag-out fight for supremacy.

Each round will be worth so many points that will be used to calculate who plays whom in the next round.  Players will be paired against opponents with equal victory points (or closest possible) and every table will be setup exactly the same.  This will allow players to have the most equal footing possible so that we can find the greatest general.

The prizes will be paid to the top 4 contestants with the winning general receiving the lion’s share (as is his just reward).

We hope to see you at The Tower and remember; to the victor goes the spoils!



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