Tower of POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could we have had any more obnoxious exclamation points?  Yes!

The Tower Game Center, or TGC, is going through some big changes and we want to make you aware of whats happening.

We are now open Tuesdays 3pm-11pm and we are usually open earlier than our opening hours everyday so call and check if you want to come by earlier than 3pm.

We now have an online store!  You can check it out here and we will constantly be updating the inventory and prices so check back often.

With an online store comes the expansion of our Magic singles.  We are now offering 70% trade-in credit on almost every Magic rare and mythic rare.  Our prices are about 20% below mid prices so buy your favorite cards from us.  We are of course buying cards for cash as well!

We want to bring new people into the store and to help entice you new gamers we have an offer for you.  Play in our Friday Night Magic or Modern Tuesdays Magic events and if you have never played at the store before you will receive $10 store credit to use that night (You can use it for the entrance fee).  We want you to experience the professionalism, cleanliness, inventory, and great community at The Tower on us!

Our cafe is now a self-serve kitchen.  We have fountain drinks, coffees, food, snacks, and a bevy of great stuff for you!

We also have a new paint studio with air-brushes, huge space and storage for you talented painters.  Now that we have a paint studio we will be having painting competitions and of course we offer paint classes every Thursday night at 6pm with Master Painter Riley Hildebrandt.

We are also bringing back Board Game Rentals and we have over two hundred titles to try out.

We hope to see you at the new and improved Tower!Tower of Power


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