Netrunner and Heroclix Tournaments Monthly



The Tower is now hosting monthly Netrunner tournaments every third Saturday of the month.

The winner will receive a custom playmat that will be different each month and our first tournament is April 19th at 1pm.  We will use the latest tournament rules and this tournament series will be highly competitive and conclude with a invitational tournament that will occur in November.  By finishing in the top four of a tournament will earn you an invite to the Netrunner Invitational!

Entrance fee for the monthly series will be $10 per player and each player will be required to bring a runner and corp deck.




Like Heroclix?  Want to learn to play or improve your game?  We are now hosting Heroclix tournaments at both locations offering both constructed and sealed formats.  Our first tournament is April 19th at 1pm and is a 300 point team.  Come join us and play the awesome game!


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