M15 Prerelease & Launch Party

M15 Prerelease

M15 is poised to be the best core set ever printed!

Where will you be the July 12th-13th weekend?  At The Tower playing in the best prerelease in the state.

Each flight is only $25 and each player will pick a color and receive a special box containing five booster packs of M15 and a color specific pack.  Each player will then build a forty card minimum deck using the cards they opened to compete in a four round flight.  Every player will walk away with at least two packs just for playing and prizes will be paid if you finish 4-0, 3-0-1, or 3-1.

We will feed you all day Saturday too!  Pancakes, waffles, nachos, and hotdogs are all part of your entrance fee.

The schedule for prerelease weekend is:

Saturday July 12th





Sunday July 13th


Hope to see you for the best core set ever!



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