Journey into Nyx


Journey into Nyx Prerelease

The Journey into Nyx Prereleae is April 25-26th and the release is May 2nd!  The Tower is hosting a huge Prerelease weekend to celebrate the newest Magic set.

The Tower always pays out the best prizes in the state.  Every player will receive a prerelease pack and a guaranteed two additional Journey into Nyx packs just for playing!  Each prerelease flight will be four rounds and additIona’s prizes are paid based on your finishing record.

The price for each prerelease flight is $30 each, but we have a early bird and loyalty special.  If you sign up by Wednesday April 22nd you’ll save $5.  Each prerelease after the first you will save an additional $5 on the second and $10 off each flight after the second.  That mean your third flight is only $20!

The schedule for each store is listed below:

TGC Suwanee

April 25th 12:01am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm, 12am

April 26th 2pm

TGC Snellville

April 25th 12:01am, 2pm, 7pm

The Tower will host release events the Friday of May 2nd at 7pm!




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