Golem Arcana Demo

golem arcana

The Tower is proud to host a demo day for the upcoming Golem Arcana!

This new innovative game is brought to you from the creator of BattleTech, Shadowrun, Mage Knight,  HeroClix, Pirates of the Spanish Main, and many more awesome games.  August 9th starting at 1pm and ending at 7pm and it’s free to play and learn.

Golem Arcana Demo


The game uses a stylus that is bluetoothed to a tablet or smart phone and it tracks all the data for you.

Golem Arcana Stylus


Simply tap the stylus to on the models base and tap an attack.  Then tap an enemy model and the game handels the rest!

The game has several factions to choose from and each faction comes assembled and painted!  There is also unpainted resin models for those who wish to paint their own faction.

durani codex

Gudanna Codex


Urugal Codex


Joseph Glessner will be running the demos and will answer all questions.  We will have a raffle for each person that participates in the demo to win a free copy of the two player starter when it releases.


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